Monterey Park Shooter

Monterey Park Shooter

Kamryn Martinez

An elderly gunman was responsible for the mass shooting in Monterey California. 

He was out of step with other Asian immigrants who found joy and companionship in venues like the Star Ballroom Dance Studio.

Huu Can Tran, 72, was a lonely person who appeared to have a grudge against the world. A man who lived by his apartment described him as having no close friends, having no job as well. He also had no family, kids, or money.

Police had trouble coming up with a motive for the shooting, they believe Tran may have been gunning for his ex-wife when he came barging into the studio. Many believe he wasn’t aiming for her due to the fact that they’ve been divorced for nearly 20 years.

Tran died by suicide as police were closing in on his gateaway van 12 hours after he fatally shot 11 people and wounded more than nine at stall ballroom. Police have been searching Van’s property and could not find a motive for why he did this.