Projected Snowfall Returns to Chicago as Winter Weather


Lorelai Parker

While most of the attention is being paid to a weather system, on Wednesday morning in Illinois and Indiana, that’s not even one of several rounds of snow that could fall in the region through this weekend.

Before the sun comes up on Wednesday; snow will slowly start to build into the area after midnight, and by 4 a.m., snow will be widespread across the region. Winds will be blowing out of the east as an area of low pressure moves across the upper Midwest, but winds will slowly shift during the day.

The morning commute will likely be heavily impacted by snow, as the brunt of the system is expected to be felt between 8 a.m. and noon. Winds will begin to shift out of the north, which could fire up lake-effect snow as the wind blows across the warmer waters of Lake Michigan.

As a result, areas along the lake in Illinois, as well as parts of northern Indiana, will see more snow, even as the snowfall begins to dissipate in more distant suburbs. Snow will become worse in areas near Lake Michigan, but accumulations could continue in those areas.