Academic Decathlon Takes Second at Mountain Pointe

Coach Carla Ingraham talks to team members while they wait for results to be tabulated.

The Academic Decathlon squad kicked off its season with a second place overall finish at the Mountain Pointe Invitational. Results are as follows:

1st place Super Quiz Relay – Hamilton Team 1: Hannah Miao, Jimmy Xu, Jessica Li, Lauren Haws, Justen Zhang, Gowri Hassan, Ben McAlduff, Randy Brookins, Morgan Banks

3rd place Super Quiz Relay– Hamilton Team 2: Sydney Benich, Amo Makubele, Dillon Maluski, Sarah Rocha, Kristin Stokes, Justin Yu, Sunny Zhong, Meilin Zhu, Deyi Wang

2nd place overall Varsity student: Ben McAlduff

2nd place overall Honors student: Jimmy Xu

3rd place overall Honors student: Jessica Li

4th place overall Honors student: Hannah Miao

Awards by topic:


1st Varsity Ben McAlduff

3rd Varsity Morgan Banks

2nd Honors Hannah Miao

3rd Honors (tie) Jessica Li and Jimmy Xu


3rd Scholastic Justen Zhang

3rd Honors Jessica Li


3rd Honors Hannah Miao

Lang and Lit

1st varsity Ben McAlduff

3rd Scholastic Lauren Haws

Hamilton SWEEP of Honors: 1st Hannah Miao, 2nd Jimmy Xu, 3rd Jessica Li


2nd Varsity (tie) Ben McAlduff and Randy Brookins

3rd Scholastic Justen Zhang

2nd Honors: Jessica Li

3rd Honors: Jimmy Xu


2nd Varsity Ben McAlduff

2nd Scholastic Justen Zhang

2nd Honors Sunny Zhong

3rd Honors Jimmy Xu

Social Science

2nd Varsity Ben McAlduff

2nd Scholastic Justen Zhang

3rd Scholastic Lauren Haws

Honors SWEEP: 1st Hannah Miao, 2nd Jimmy Xu, 3rd Sunny Zhong


2nd Varsity Ben McAlduff

3rd Honors Jessica Li