Should Student Loans Be Forgiven?


Laila Richardson Jenkins

Since President Joe Biden started his campaign to become president one of his biggest issues that he wanted to tackle were student loan debt. Student loan debt is a huge problem in this country.

Americans owe roughly $1.75 trillion back in student loan debt including federal and private loans. Even people who are retired still feel the heat of student loans. Yes, people who are retired and have been out of college for a very long time.

The number of student loan debt Americans have is increasing everyday. You would think that people would love to help cancel student loan debt. It would lift a huge weight off of a lot of peoples shoulders and they could finally exhale and breathe without the stress of the government garnishing their paychecks, yet there are some who just won’t allow people to be happy and constantly have to be a nuisance.

Federal courts have put a hold on Biden’s plan of student loan forgiveness while litigation against its policy plays out. States like Arkansas, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska and South Carolina have sued against Biden’s plan. Missouri says that universal suspension of both loan payments and interest on student loans would harm revenues for the Missouri Higher Education Loan Authority and thus impact the state’s ability to fund public higher education even though that only affects Missouri’s Higher Education Loan Authority compared to the millions of Americans in debt.

A judge in Texas struck the plan down by claiming that freeing millions of people from debt would be “unlawful.” The states suing are mainly republican led states and they have been against this plan when it first went into effect.. Some argue that it is just simply not fair to others. Whether or not it is fair or considered unlawful, shouldn’t people have a chance to be relieved from this huge weight they call paying for college.

Shouldn’t people be able to get an education and not fall into debt?