COVID-19 Hits China

COVID-19 Hits China

Isabella Flores-Pena

An unpredicted wave of COVID-19 has hit China. People have entered into panic and started buying fever medicine, pain killers, and even home remedies. Resources like canned peaches have even caused online shortages and in store.

Authorities on Wednesday had detected 2,249 symptomatic COVID cases through nucleic acid testing. 20 percent of these cases have been detected in Beijing. 

Officials say there is a big demand for fever and cold medicine, like Tylenol and Advil. People have been rushing to get these items because they have a fear of coming in contact with the virus. It has been urged to the public to not hoard any medicine, if they don’t present symptoms or are ill.  

China’s largest manufacturer of ibuprofen has gained 6 percent. The stock has jumped 147 percent in the first two weeks of this month. Funeral services and burial plots have gained a huge boost. China’s largest burial service company has gained more than 50 percent since last month.