2 Million Personal Emails Leaked in Twitter Hack


Cole Blubaum

Twitter has been under extreme heat lately due to many complications. From Elon Musks’ chaotic first few months in office to rogue accounts being made, it certainly has been a bumpy road. Starting off the year with yet another controversy is the thing the popular social media platform needed least. Privacy is extremely important to most, and it is trusted that Twitter responsibly stores the information users provide. At the rise of technological hacking, information like this is at extreme risk to get leaked and it happens more often than you would think, especially via social media. 

There is a pattern painting twitter to be prone to hacking as this is not the first time something like this has occurred. On the Fourth of Jan.,, Twitter underwent extreme manipulation as unknown hackers took to obtaining and leaking an astronomical amount of information. Troy Hunt, creator of the cybersecurity alert site “Have I Been Pwned,” has calculated an approximate 211,524,284 uniquely individual email addresses were disclosed. This led to an outrage taking place via, you guessed it, Twitter itself. It is common for people to anonymously (and publicly) rant on said platform. 

As all these email addresses have already been leaked, it is not possible for these steps to be retracted. While it is unpredictable when these hackers will arise, it is safe to say that Twitter needs to install a secure set of security to prevent conundrums like this occurring in the future.