The Rugby underdogs


Nathan Quigley and Jose Esparza

Once spring started, Hamilton High’s Rugby club was taking the field. Although they attempted to push the Rugby season forward, the club had an unlucky turn of events before the season even started. Earlier in the season, Hamilton High’s rugby club was short both players and staff, thus having to forfeit their first match against Tempe.

But that didn’t stop these Huskies. Luckily for them, they had help from a North Valley team enabling them to play Tempe. Not only were the Huskies able to play Tempe, but they also found a sponsor and become a full-fledged team.  Despite having a rough start,  nothing is stopping this team from advancing forward.

“This season has gone well overall and we improved significantly,” speaks captain of the rugby team Kevin Ferreira (12). This group has had to deal with many problems and overcome obstacles that no ordinary school rugby team has to face.

This year, the rugby team has about a total of 25 players registered with four wins. The Husky team is the epitome of a true underdog team ready to take on any new team.

“People don’t expect much of us, but I enjoy surprising them on how good of a team we really are,” comments Ronnie Cary (12).

Currently our Huskies are in the playoffs and have two games remaining: the semifinals with El Mirage this Friday the 4th at Westside Sports Complex at (11:20 am) and the division two championship game next Friday the 11th.

“I really enjoyed this group’s team and individual attitude on the pitch this season. Their hard work has made this a special team that my staff and I are proud to be associated with,” said head coach Tom Duncan.  The team now looks toward goals for next year’s improvements.

Junior Brad Dawson said, “We have a bright future next year and have the potential to be very good next year if we practice hard and recruit a few more players.”