Athlete of the week- Kent Hasler, (12), varsity baseball


Q: How long have you been playing Baseball?
A: I’ve been playing for four years now.

Q: What is your position?
A: I play as the pitcher.

Q: Biggest Highlight of you career?
A: My biggest highlight would be going to North Carolina for baseball.

Q: Planning to play for college? What College?
A: Yes I do plan to play during college at Mesa Community College.

Q: Favorite professional team?
A: My favorite pro team would be the Arizona Diamondbacks.

Q: Any other sports you play?
A: No, I do not play any other sports.

Q: Any interesting hobbies?
A: Hunting

Q: Favorite Music?
A: Classic Rock

Q: Activates during your free time
A: Hunting, fishing, and outdoor activities

Q: What is your motivation/inspiration?
A: My motivation is proving everyone that says I can’t that I can.

Q: Favorite class subject?
A: Human Biology

Q: Which do you prefer Nike or Under Armour?
A: I prefer Nike.