Basketball Coach of the Year

Basketball Coach of the Year

Jose Esparza, Sports Editor

On behalf of the school, we offer a special congratulation to Hamilton varsity basketball coach Kevin Hartwig, who won the East Valley Tribune Basketball Coach of the Year. His team earned a 24-4 record and a 4th seed in the playoffs. This is a great accomplishment considering that Hamilton did not any players on the varsity roster that were also a part of the All-Tribune First team or Second team.

As a team that had no ‘go to’ player, the Huskies played together as a team unit, receiving encouragement from Coach Hartwig every step of the way. The Huskies took pride in their defense and were arguably the best defensive team in the 2013-14 season.

Making the post-season is almost a regular tradition for Hamilton basketball in the Hartwig era. The culture that Coach Hartwig brings to this team is outstanding, leaving other schools envious of his leadership. As long as coach Hartwig is coaching this Husky basketball team, the school can only expect future success in the program. Coach Kevin Hartwig, here’s to more great years of Hamilton Huskies varsity basketball.

(Stay tuned for more in-depth story of Coach Kevin Hartwig coming out in the final print edition of the 2013-2014 school year)