Girl’s Basketball Dominates the Court!

Girl's Basketball Dominates the Court!

Morgan Barnes, General Staff

Girls’ basketball is wrapping up rapidly. The girls are doing well this year, winning many games and losing very few. Though no one has an undefeated record, the Lady Huskies continue to dominate their opponents. They have conquered a lot and are referred to as a family. Everyone knows a family becomes part of each other and these girls are now part of one another. A family.

“ We have been doing incredibly well. Although we have our ups and downs we still work as a cohesive force.”Alina Wang(10) The Lady Huskies work together well, and no matter what, this junior varsity player believes the bond will not break between each and every one of them.

“We [are] a very unselfish team. We’re a hustle team, and we dive for loose ball[s]. The best thing I contribute to my team [is] my leadership.” DeShay Martinez(9) an aggressive player on the court has great feedback for her team. Their hardwork and teamwork is what pushes The Lady Huskies forward.

Our Lady Huskies’ dominance will continue to push forward while they take on their next opponent this week with another win in their records