The Huskies Football Season Ends in Heartbreaking Fashion


Bradley Young, Sports Editor

Well unfortunately the Hamilton Huskies Football team lost in the quarterfinals to the Perry Pumas in yet another action packed game.  This game was not exactly like the startling upset loss that Centennial gave last year’s team; it was a battle till the death.  Towards the end of the season the Huskies squared off against the Pumas and did not come close to beating them, losing 55-21.  But this game was different.  Filled with offensive action the whole time, it seemed like neither of the defenses could put a halt to their opponents offense.  The turning point in the game was when the Pumas kicked an onside kick near the end of regulation.  Once they gained that momentum, they never looked back, as quarterback Brock Purdy (11) of the Pumas took it to the house in overtime on 2nd and 15.  

The Huskies were smothered with injuries all year long, such as offensive tackle Jack Patterson (12), linebacker Lucien Nuciola (12), defensive tackles Jared Darby (12) and Joshua (Bronx) Bosolet (12), and tight end Chandler Dutton (12).  

Although there were some pretty big disappoints this year, let’s take a look at the positives.  Quarterback Tyler Shough (11) threw a total of 2079 yards for 27 touchdowns and only nine interceptions.  Running back Jawhar Jordan (11) had 20 touchdowns and 1269 total yards in receiving and rushing.  Defensive end Brayden Flynn (11) was the heart and sole of the defensive line this year, recording 42 solo tackles, 80 total tackles, and 14.5 sacks.  Those are some quality stats for a junior, which shows maturity and a bright future.

“Next year we’ll definitely have a chip on our shoulder and come out more hungry than ever,” said Flynn (11).

As for the senior highlights of the season, safety Satchel Escalante had four interceptions along with 87 total tackles, 56 being solo.  Furthermore, standout wide receiver Chance Brewington caught 13 touchdowns for 978 yards this year.  

“I can’t wait to play at the next level.  Football has been such a great experience for me these past three years and definitely has had a positive impact on my life,” said Brewington (12).

A special thanks is awarded to those who supported the Husky football team this year!