Girls’ Soccer Defeats Chandler

Taylor Griffith and Dante Ramos

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Last Thursday, the Varsity Girls’ Soccer team defeated Chandler High; it also happened to be Senior Night for the incredibly talented team. Before the whistle sounded and the first kick was made, a lovely tribute was performed for the players that will be graduating this year. A festive balloon arch was placed center field, with the families of the players on the left and the upcoming graduates on the left. As the players and their loved ones met in the middle for their pictures and a gift; heartwarming and often humorous anecdotes about the young women were shared over the speakers. Each player shared their thanks for the program and their families, as well as a favorite memory and quote, making it an incredibly emotional night for the close-knit group and everyone connected to them.

Once the senior ceremony drew to a close, and the pregame huddles broke apart; the starting lineup was announced. The starters included all of the seniors, and their talent and dedication to the sport was obvious within five minutes of playing. The girls worked seamlessly on the field, passing back and forth frequently and often times too quick for the Chandler girls to keep up. Up close, it is a surprisingly brutal sport, but the way they played made it look easy and effortless, never taking more than two seconds to get back up after a particularly nasty fall. The team and staff were obviously extremely close; with players on the bench screaming support as if they were right there in the game with them, and coaches constantly giving pointers to players when there was a moment of calm. One supporter stood out the most; Hamilton alumni, Keiragan Wall, had nicknames for every single player, and screamed words of support throughout the entire game.

Their season so far has been impeccable, with nine wins out of ten games. With the end of the season fast approaching; the Championships are in late February, many of the players, especially the seniors, are looking to improve everything they can so they can go out with a bang. Cassidy Potts (12), who plays defense, states, “We’re looking to improve our play because no team is perfect and we’re trying to get as close to perfection as we can.” The end of the season also means lots of reminiscing for the young athletes, as this will be the last high school championships for many players. Goalie Karolyn Hasler, shared what she will miss the most about playing for Hamilton, “The girls and the atmosphere of the team. We have such a tight-knit group that it’s going to be hard to say goodbye.”

Even with their incredible talent, great record, and probability of making it to and possible victory at Championships, these girls surely are not planning on taking any days off in preparation. Best of luck to the Varsity Girls’ Soccer as they work towards the State Champs title!

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