The Soccer Season Returns!

Sophie Macko

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Winter is on his way and so is the season for Hamilton’s winter sports! Soccer is one of the three in this season that plans to work hard for a victory for Hamilton just as they had done last year! The boys soccer team were last year’s Arizona High School State semifinalists and Arizona Soccer Showcase Champions. The girls soccer team was also recognized for excellence in soccer along with academics. Two of these awards included the National Hispanic Scholar (awarded to Alegra Aguayo) and NSCAA Nation’s Best on Field and in Classroom (awarded to Emma Robson).

The tryouts begin on October 30th  through November 3rd and the coaches are looking for ways to improve their teams. “As a coaching staff, we are always looking for the best training methodologies, the best game management, to make us to be the most successful that we can be,” explains Mr. Belford, “One of the things that we are going to look to do in training is super competitive environments to hopefully foster game environments so players will be as prepared as much as they can be prepared to execute during games as possible and to perform during games.”

When Hamilton students were also asked about their thoughts on soccer, Laurel Hamblin (9) said that “I think it’s a bit interesting to watch but I wouldn’t participate in it myself,” and Emma Scaggs (9) said “I played soccer for about seven years” and said “yes” to planning to go to a soccer game.

These teams already show signs of a great season ahead and Hamilton can’t wait to cheer them on the rest of the way!

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