Boys Baseball


Miranda Rothchild

There’s a lot on the plate. After winning back to back state championships, Hamilton’s boys baseball is hard at work to win another. Already with two wins under their belt from Notre Dame and Mountain View, the team is looking forward to many more. Coach woods plans on taking his team to an undefeated season, which means tough practices in order to get his team game ready.

 Tyler Dubuque (12) says his team has been preparing for the season by, “working hard everyday and making sure we are at the top of our game so we can compete with any team. Every team is targeting us this season and hoping to take us down but we are using the pressure to drive us and prepare us to win state again.” Tyler believes that the pressure to win another state title is not breaking down the team, but driving them to win yet again. Dustin Bermudez (11) says that “Well we’ve been going out to practice and working hard every day and repeating the same things to figure out our weak spots and make it stronger.” Coach woods takes note on all the mistakes during each game and really focuses on them in the next practice. In order to prepare his team for the next game ahead.

 With many seniors lost and new players on the team, Hayden Baker (12) says they are adjusting to the transition by “teaching the young guys really how we run our program and have guys step up for the seniors we lost last year and we look at this year like any other year and we have a target on our back because we are back to back champions and we embrace it and it only makes us better.” Many seniors this year are really stepping up to make the program better than ever. As well as making it easier for the players that moved up from JV, these boys are working harder than ever to win state for their third year in a row.