New NCAA Rules About Eligibility

New NCAA Rules About Eligibility

Connor Manning

It finally happened. After all the speculation, and all the hype, The NCAA announced yesterday that they have made changes regarding player eligibility and and the ability to return to college after the draft. This is historic in the since that players don’t have to play one year of college to be able to go to the NBA, They can just go straight out of High School. There has been much chatter since the announcement, and a lot of it has to do with the announcement with the abolishment of the “one and done rule”, which allows you to go straight to the NBA draft after high school. There are many good points on both sides, about the chance to live your dream right out of high school, or the talks about how it allows players to skip out on education, and it doesn’t prepare them for live after the NBA.

Omar Knight (11), a fellow basketball player for Hamilton, had this to say about the announcement. “It’s amazing that the NCAA is allowing players to return to college if they don’t get drafted. That way it gives them options.” Here he further proves the point that high school students are looking forward to the new changes.

Another basketball player for Hamilton, Jake Hunter (11) commented on the direction of the NCAA. “I think that it really shows how they are focusing more on basketball. Giving players the opportunity to go straight to NBA helps them avoid potential injuries in college.”

There are some people who don’t like the new rules, one person is Jason Dao (11), who said, “I don’t think the NCAA is really preparing player for the world after basketball.”

The new rule changes aren’t expected to go into effect until 2021 or 2022, so that means that most high school students right now, will no have the opportunity to go straight to the NBA draft. As far as if the new changes are positive or negative, We’ll see.