Senior Night

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Senior Night

Adison Johnson

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Being underneath the Friday night lights only lasts so long. Soon seniors walk across the field being recognized for being apart of what makes the football games amazing.

This past Friday night football game was an amazing but also sad night for many high school students. The next chapter of their life will be starting very soon and all of what high school was will be behind them.

Moani Fritz, a varsity cheerleader, reminisce upon the night. “It was really sad having it be my last football game, this has been three years of my life!”

For many this senior night was ending a chapter of their lives that they have put a lot of blood, sweat, and tears. As well as cheer, some of the Hamilton Pommies got to walk across the football field. Megan Besch, coach for the HHS Pomline, mentioned her sad but excited feelings for her seniors and maybe their future plans. “I definitely get sad about my seniors leaving, they are very great and have amazing leadership! I try to stay in touch after graduation, and would love to see them continue to dance throughout college!”

For most students, the end of high school is the end of stress filed nights and anxious mornings. Coaches and teachers wish the best for their students but it’s more hard to say goodbye for them.

Even for the non sports, senior night was still so special for them. Jacob Gardner, a fourth year marching band veteran, is excited for what the future holds for him. “It’s a yes and no feeling leaving high school, yes because no more homework, but i will be leaving behind a lot of friends; I will most likely go to ASU, do Drum Corps and serve a church mission.”

Senior Night is a bittersweet night for students, athletes and coaches. You get to have one last shine in the FNL. Enjoy it while it lasts, time flies and school does not last forever.

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