Hamilton Wrestling


Emma Lavoie

The room is hot and sweaty. Two wrestlers are facing off in the middle of a wide circle. The spectators in the stands hold their breaths as the match starts. The wrestlers collide and fall to the mat, each trying to get the upper hand.

Wrestling has started its new season and this year they have 50 team members, including five girls. In fact, this year is the first year that girls can compete for the championship in Arizona Interscholastic Sports. Jennifer Curry (12) is a returning member who looks to be a trailblazer for the emerging AIA sport of women’s wrestling.

“Sometimes it’s hard because you have to emerge yourself into guy culture and it’s harder to differentiate the things that you have to do as a girl, as a woman, and they have to do as a guy but honestly it’s so much more fun and I wouldn’t change anything for the world” Jennifer Curry (12).

This year the wrestling team welcomed back three state medalists from last season: Donovan Corn (12), Eric Ramos (12), and Isaiah Valenzuela (11). These veteran members hope to lead their team to a championship. Wrestling started the season defeating schools such as Queen Creek, Highland, and Mountain Pointe, and currently hold a 13-4 record.

Zach Bartlett is the head coach of wrestling and is a big reason the team does so well. “His energy and passion for the sport pushes us to be the best we can be”, said Donovan Corn (12).

The team has a busy schedule ahead and they are looking forward to the Mile High Challenge that will take place from 12/28 through 12/29 at the Prescott Valley Event Center. Teams will be coming from as far as Wisconsin to “battle for the buckle”.