Hamilton Varsity Football Takes the Win


Connie‌ ‌Escobar‌

The first month of school has now begun for every highschooler in the CUSD district but the Huskies have been playing as if they never left the field. The Huskies have taken the Pumas as well as the Coyotes by storm. After Hamilton’s win against Centennial on the 2nd of October by an amazing 42 points, the Huskies have never looked better. The first game of the season was also the first win of the season leaving the Huskies with a 1-0 record for the beginning of the season. The winning streak couldn’t stop there however, soon after they met with their next competition, Perry. On October 9th the Huskies walked away with another win with a score of 64-22. A huge jump from last year’s game which ended with a score of 49-17, which has now given Hamilton a two year winning streak against the Pumas. Leaving the Huskies with a 2-0 record for the season. Sadly a week before what was going to be known as their homecoming game against Chaparral the game was officially canceled as of Monday, Oct. 12. The inability to play a homecoming game didn’t drop the spirits of our players however. 

In a few days the Huskies will be facing one of their biggest competitors, Saguaro High. After a devastating loss in the semifinals against Saguaro in 2019 that left the Huskies and the Sabercats at a score of 20-16, a very close game to say the least. The upcoming game will be a very exciting one not just for the players but also for the audience. 

On Oct. 23, Hamilton will travel to Saguaro and the game will air nationally on ESPN 2 allowing much room for excitement on the field and nervous jitters off the field. As for the Sabercats they have also come out of each game scoring fairly high against the Brophy Broncos and the Maricopa Rams. Saguaro’s first game was on October 9th where they walked off the field with a score of 27-0. Following their first game on October 16th they faced Maricopa highschool where they walked away victorious with a final score of 70-14. 

It may be the start of the season but that isn’t stopping much of these young men from standing out. Quarterback and team captain Nico Marchiol has made 3 rushing touchdowns with his amazing QB rating of 113.2, in just two games. Following Nico, is sophomore Nathan Schmidt who is leading the Huskies with 5 rushing touchdowns and has an average of 117.0 rushing yards per game. For the receivers the Huskies have Junior, Christian Anaya who has an average of 31.0 receiving yards per game. He also has 2 touchdowns, one for each game they have played as of the beginning of the season. On defense the Huskies have Senior, Jack Howell who is leading his team with a total of 11 solo tackles. 

Sagour however, is most definitely going to put up a fight. The Sabercats are being led by team captain Mason Davies who has 2 touchdowns and an average of 89 reception yards per game from the start of the season. Standing out next to Mason is senior, Xander Werner who has 2 rushing touchdowns. Next up on defense Saguaro is being led by Carlos Griffin, who has a total

of 3 interceptions and 2 touchdowns. The game will without doubt be one that must be watched at home or in person. The game between the Saguaro Sabercats and the Hamilton Huskies will air on Friday, Oct. 21 on ESPN2 which will start at 6 p.m.