Girl’s Badminton Takes On The Queen Creek Bulldogs


Allie Meyers

Although the Varsity Girl’s Badminton team lost against Queen Creek High school on Tuesday, Oct. 27, the JV team walked away with a win.

Last week both the Varsity and JV Girls Badminton teams suffered a defeat against Sunnyslope High School. The Varsity team one in one singles match, and one doubles match making the overall score 2-7. The JV team won no flights and walked away with a score of 0-9.

The Varsity team took another blow in their match against Queen Creek High School on Tuesday, Oct. 27. In the singles flights, the only lady huskies to walk away with a win were Seniors Neha Shakir, Emma Skaggs and Nidhi Pulicherla; matched against opponents Kaylee Shellenberger, Kylee Haskell, and Shayley Webster respectively. These Bulldogs have impressive records of 16-6, 14-8, and 18-4, but it seems that they were no match for our Huskies. In the doubles flights the only duo to win was Nidhi Pulicherla and Neha Shakir. Matched against Shaley Webster and Kaylee Shellenberger, our Husky duo won two out of three rounds, making them victorious overall. Although these ladies won their flights, it wasn’t enough to win overall. This loss makes the Varsity teams record for the 2020-2021 season 2-10. The JV team scored a win against Queen Creek, which makes their season record 1-11. This is the teams first win all season, which is a huge success for all of the players on the team. Hamilton remains ranked as number 20 in Division I. 

As of now, it looks like the Girl’s Badminton season is coming to a close. Our lady Huskies did an amazing job playing in the face of adversity. If they make it to the Division I Championships, they will be playing again Nov. 7, 2020.