The Huskies Take on The Lightning Bolts


Heather Hackett

Rodney Clemente scores a touchdown vs. Desert Vista

Connie Escobar

On Oct. 30,  2020 the Huskies walked off the field once again victorious. This week the Huskies went up against Desert Vista and dominated the field with a final score of 38-17.

In just the first quarter the Huskies made a 31-yard field goal led by Jacob Medina and then a seven yard TD pass made by Nicco Marchiol to Zachary Lewis. During the second quarter the Huskies made a 19 yard TD led by Rodney Clemente with a one yard TD rush following right after. When the third quarter came around it was nonetheless interesting. Hamilton scored a five yard TD rush led by Rodney Clemente once again. Finally once the fourth quarter hit DV started stepping it up, right after the Huskies made two more rushing touchdowns which were made by Clemente, this was most definitely Rodney’s game. In fact, this was Rodney Clemente’s first game since he transferred to Hamilton and started playing for the Huskies. We for sure still haven’t seen the last of Rodney in fact he is just getting started. Right after the hype from the two 2 touchdowns blew over the thunder struck. A 20-yard TD pass made by Kaden Lentz to Cade Colemere followed by a six yard TD pass to Landen Powell to Quinton Ivey were made. After these amazing touchdown passes, they were both followed by a nine yard field goal. This left DV at a score of 17, last week’s game was by far one of the Huskies best games of the season which allowed them to finish off with an outstanding score of 38-17, once again securing another victory. 

This victory has left the Huskies with a 4-0 record for this year’s season. In the Huskies next game they will be facing the Highland Hawks on Friday, Nov. 6. While the Huskies are going into the game with a 4-0 record, the Hawks are going into the game with a 4-1 record after their 24-14 loss to Queen Creek bulldogs.

However, that does not mean the Hawks won’t be a tough opponent. The Hawks have many young men who do stand out such as junior Gage Dayley who has a QB rating of 100 followed by an average of 152.2 passing yards per game. Followed by Dayley, there is senior Max Davis who has an outstanding 826 rushing yards as well as 13 rushing touchdowns since the start of the season.

In last year‘s game against Highland both teams tied in the fourth quarter at the very last second, quite literally. The Hawks actually found a way into the red zone with only one second left on the clock. This left the Huskies shaken up, however, the Huskies defense stopped Highland which allowed them to walk off victorious with a score of 31-24.

Will the Huskies be able to take on the Hawks once again? After four wins the Huskies seem to be challenging anyone who gets in their way. Leaving Husky pride on every field they’ve stepped on, this game will without a doubt be a fun one. Will the last second catch up to the Huskies or will they secure another win for Hamilton? The game will be at Desert Vista High School on Friday, Nov. 6th, the capacity rule still follows so get your tickets as soon as possible!