Huskies Football Take on Highland


Cheryl Evans/The Republic

Nicco Marchiol with the pass against Highland

Connie Escobar

On Nov. 6th the Huskies took on the Highland Hawks. It came to no surprise when the Huskies dominated on the field and walked off with a final score of 46-26. This has left the Huskies with a score of 5-0 for this year’s season taking over each game they play. While playing the Hawks on Nov, 6th the first quarter was most definitely a nerve racking one. With only nine minutes to go in the first quarter Highland’s Max Davis made a 27-yard rushing touchdown followed by a PAT that was made by Jackson Ray. Followed by Highlands rushing touchdown, Hamilton’s very own Noah Schmidt made a 1 Yd Rushing touchdown. Soon after with less than a minute left in the first quarter Highland’s Gage Dayley made a 5 Yd pass to Joshua Schenks later making a touchdown,finishing the first quarter with a 6-13 score. 


 In the beginning of the second quarter the Huskies did not wait to tie the game. Team captain Nicco Marchiol made an amazing 4 Yd pass that was completed by Jack Howell giving the Huskies yet another touchdown followed by a PAT made by Trey Lockhart. This tied the game with a score of 13-13 with only eight minutes left in the second quarter. Six minutes later Highlands Max Davis once again made a rushing TD of five-yards followed by a PAT made by Jackson Ray making the score 13-20. Soon after both teams tied once again Hamilton’s Jude Galindo made a 5 Yd Rushing TD followed by a PAT made by Trey Lockhart. Once again tying the game with a score of 20-20. The tie did not last long however, two minutes until the end of second quarter Hamilton’s Nicco Marchiol made a 6 Yd pass that was completed for a TD followed by another PAT made by Trey Lockhart going into halftime with a score of 27-20. Quite the dynamic duo some may say. While the third quarter may have been slow, Nicco Marchiol  kept the audience on the edge of their seats with a long pass to Zachary Lewis. The pass left Hamilton with  the ball on Highland’s 3-yard line. The third quarter finished off with a final score of 27-20, not changing since the end of the second quarter. 


Continuing on from the third quarter Hamilton made the 1 Yd Rushing TD. Starting off the fourth quarter at a score of 33-20. This however did not stop Highlands Gage Dayley from making an 89-Yd pass to Ammon Allen for a TD, changing the score to 33-26. With only six minutes left in the fourth quarter, Hamilton’s Victor Zayas makes a rushing TD followed by a PAT made by Trey Lockhart. Soon after with only four minutes left in the final quarter the Huskies intercepted a Highland pass and got the ball on Highland’s 35-yard line, leading to a 21-yard Rushing Touchdown. Later earning yet another PAT, finishing the game off with a score of 47-26.


With an amazing game between Highland in their pockets the Huskies now officially have a record of 5-0. Later facing Higley at home on Friday, Nov 13, after the face off with Higley the Huskies will go on to battle for Arizona Ave once again. Will the Huskies go into the battle for Arizona ave with a record of 6-0? The tickets are on sale but are selling out quickly, go cheer on your fellow Huskies!