Husky Swim Team at the State Championships

Husky Swim Team at the State Championships

Allie Meyers

The Husky swim team went to state on Friday, Nov. 6, 2020 at Skyline Aquatic Center. All of the swimmers did well, achieving an overall score of eighth place for both mens and womens swim. The team swam their hearts out and achieved impressive times during individual events and relays. 

Girls 200 Yard Medley Relay 6) Yazzie, Kaylah; Cunningham, Kayla; Hoddy, Clare;  Pickles, Audrey  1:50.56

Girls 100 Yard Back 3) Cunningham, Kayla   57.00

Boys 400 Yard Free Relay 7) Stocek, Kyle, Pickles, Evan, Pickles Ian, Kim, Eli   3:17.39

Boys 100 Yard Free 4) Pickles, Ian  47.57

Girls 100 Yard Fly 5) Cunningham, Kayla  57.37

Girls 400 Yard Free Relay 9) Pickles, Audrey; Yazzie, Kaylah; Chun, Stephanie; Cunningham, Kayla    3:40.35

Boys 200 Yard Free 6)  Stocek, Kyle  1:43.82

Boys 200 Yard Medley Relay 13) Wichterman, Rylan; Bromley, Tyson; Li, Andrew;  Kim, Eli    1:44.47


Congratulations to the Hamilton swim team for a fantastic season!