Lady Huskies Volleyball Team Heads To State

Lady Huskies Volleyball Team Heads To State

Briana McCauley

With the volleyball teams’ last games just around the corner, these record-holding talented athletes are giving their all! On Oct. 28, they played against Highland, and both the Varsity and Freshman/Sophomore teams crushed them! Varsity won 3-1 and F/S won 2-0. They also had another game against Pinnacle on Nov. 3, and even though both JV and Frosh/Soph teams lost, this did not shake them up. Varsity won 3-0, and they were left with humble confidence.

Their game against Xavier Prep on Oct. 27 got cancelled, however, it was rescheduled for Nov. 4.

The Frosh/Soph team couldn’t play because the Xavier team had a COVID case. Since Xavier was supposed to be their last game, their season is over. After those few weeks, both of the playing teams against Xavier walked off the court victorious, this includes both JV and Varsity. Varsity won in three straight sets and JV won in 2 straight sets. Sadly, it is the end of the season for JV and Frosh/Soph, but they both played an incredible season!

JV won 10 of 15 games and Frosh/Soph won 11 of 14 games! Varsity has won 13 of 15 games, and they are never going to back down. Their next game is Nov. 14 against Liberty, and it is the State Playoffs! Good luck Varsity, and go Huskies!