The Battle for Arizona Ave


Patrick Breen/ The Republic)

Marchiol avoids sack vs Chandler

Connie Escobar

The most popular game of the season came and went, with multiple students showing up to cheer on each of their teams. On Friday, Nov. 20 Hamilton went up against their biggest rival Chandler. Both teams faced off at a season score of 6-0 both eager to get their 7th win. While the Huskies did not bring home a win on Friday they still fought hard leaving their all on the field. The Huskies now have a season score of 6-1, soon facing another competitor,  Corona Del Sol at their Playoff Quarterfinals

During the first Quarter Hamiltons Nicco Marchiol made a 3-yard pass to Michael Masunas who made a touchdown for the Huskies. The PAT was then made by Jacob Medina. This kept the Huskies in the lead until Chandler’s very own Eli Sanders made a 32-yard rush when the wolves had just received the ball, the PAT was then made by Crew Peterman. Once the Huskies got to the second quarter team captain Nicco Marchiol made yet another rushing touchdown of 2-yards followed by a PAT made by Jacob Medina. Followed by Marchiol’s touchdown, team captain Mikey Keene from the Wolves made a 17-yard pass to Jalen Richmond with only one minute left in the second quarter. Who still ended up getting a touchdown followed by the PAT that was once again made by Crew Peterman. 

At the end of the second quarter, the Wolves were up 17-14. Once the third quarter hit Chandler’s Mikey Keene made a 28-yard Pass to Kyion Grayes later receiving a PAT made by Crew Peterman.Leaving the  score of 24-14, the intensity of the game began to radiate off the field leaving students, teachers, and parents nervous. 

In the final quarter the last score was made by Kyion Grayes that consisted of Mikey Keene making a 42-yard pass to Grayes with extra point being made by Crew Peterman. They finished with a final score of 34-14 leaving the Huskies with a final record of 6-1 so far for the season.

 While the Huskies did not claim the title of ‘winners of Arizona Ave’ they are most definitely ready for next year’s battle. Both teams put up a very good fight and never let their guards down. The Huskies and the Wolves have been battling for the title for many years and each year everyone awaits the battle. It is easy to say both teams have a love hate rivalry, just as Mike Krzyzewski once stated “Great rivalries don’t have to build on hatred. They’re built on respect, on a respect for excellence.”