AZ Cardinals Prepare to Take on the NY Giants After Loss to the LA Rams


Allie Meyers

The Arizona Cardinals (6-6) suffered a loss last week to the Los Angeles Rams and are attempting to redeem themselves against the New York Giants this week. The LA Rams won the game 38 to 28 in four quarters of intense battle. The first quarter was looking good for the Cardinals as they took an early 7 point lead. However, in the second quarter the rams retaliated and took the lead with 14 points. The third quarter was heating up with the Cardinals scoring 7 points and the Rams scoring 3, closing the gap between the two teams. In the fourth and final quarter the Cardinals scored 14 points, but the Rams scored 21 points to secure the win. The game ended with some impressive stats for the LA Rams. The Rams had 334 passing yards, 119 rushing yards and 463 yards overall. The Cardinals played their best, but the Rams won out in this intense match-up. Although the Cardinals still have a chance at the finals.

The next game for the Cardinals is against the NY Giants who have gone 5-7 this season. While the Cardinals may be coming off of a loss, their season has been 6-6, giving them the edge in this game. The Giants recently defeated the Seattle Seahawks 17 to 12 in a heated game. The matchup of Cardinals versus Giants will be on Dec. 13, 2020 at 11 A.M. (Mountain Standard) in the Metlife Stadium of New Jersey.