The Huskies and The Wolves Face Off at the Open State Championship Game


Heather Hackett

Mo Sarnowski with the INT

Connie Escobar

After the Huskies took home the win last Friday with a score of 58-14,  they made rushing touchdowns after rushing touchdowns against Salpointe. They will now be advancing to the championship game against their biggest rival, Chandler. Three games ago the Huskies went up against the Wolves, sadly losing their first game of the season. The score was at 34-14 at the end of the night, as of now the Wolves are at a record of 9-0 and our fellow Huskies are at a record of 8-1. The championship tickets are already sold out as the students of each school plan on going all out at this game. The Chandler vsS Hamilton face-off  has always been the student body’s favorite due to the rivalry that goes back since the opening of Hamilton High School in 1998.     

Our Huskies have been on a roll this season only losing one game and winning all of the rest. This year we are going into the championships with many talented young men such as junior Nicco Marchiol who is going into the championship with a QB rating of 109. In comparison to senior Mikey Keene who has a QB rating of 130 on Chandler’s side. Marchiol, who is only a Junior has put in the work for the past years and he is only getting better. Same could be said for the rest of the team as they work so in-sync with one another, making the Huskies one amazing team.  

This game will be very stressful as well as very amusing. Anything can happen in the game of football meaning an unexpected turn may occur. The Huskies have made it this way and are not giving up anytime soon. Wish the Huskies some luck as they face off against the Wolves on Saturday night. Lets go Huskies!