The Huskies and Wolves Face-off in Open State Championship

Connie Escobar

This past Saturday the Huskies went to the Open State Championship game that took place at Desert Vista High where they faced off with their biggest rival, Chandler. The game was a close game leaving no room for bragging rights. The final score was 23-21, with the Huskies coming home with the final score of 21 sadly losing the championship game. While the Huskies lost the game itself they most definitely won the award for best student section with the student body cheering on their team with pride and spirit. It is easy to say that every player played hard and fought with dignity. 

During the first quarter of the game Chandler stayed in the lead with a score of six that was earned by Eli Sanders who made an 81-yard rushing touchdown. All throughout the first quarter Hamilton and Chandler played cat and mouse, with Chandler having multiple false starts in the first quarter. Second quarter was when the heat between the Huskies and Wolves began. With Chandler’s Mikey Keene completing a seven-yard pass to Eli Swope for a touchdown followed by a PAT. Leaving Chandler at a score of 13 with 11 minutes to go in the second quarter. With only eight minutes to go Hamilton’s Nicco Marchiol made a 20-yard pass that was completed to Elijah Sobas for a touchdown followed by a PAT. Leaving Chandler at a score of 13 and Hamilton with a score of seven in just the first half. 

Throughout the third quarter the Huskies and the Wolves kept the same score, 13-7 leaving the crowd nervous to see what the fourth quarter had in store for each of the teams. The fourth quarter was action packed, right at the start of the fourth quarter Crew Peterman kicked a 41-yard field goal leaving the score at 16-7 with 11-minutes to go in the fourth quarter. With still 11-minutes to go in the fourth quarter Chandler’s Eli Sanders made a one-yard rushing touchdown changing the score to 22-7. After three minutes Nicco Marchiol made a 1-yard rushing touchdown followed by a pass that was completed to Christian Anaya for a 2Pt conversion, converting the score to 23-15. The final score of the game was made by Camden Haggard who made a five-yard rushing touchdown. Leaving the score at 23-21, the crowd on the Huskies side was outraged when the 2Pt conversion was not made in the last four minutes of the game for that would have put the Huskies in the lead.

While the Huskies did not win the championship they did play an amazing season this year and we are sending our seniors off with messages of support and love. Each Husky has played such an amazing season even after the pandemic made it a tough year. Next year holds a lot in store for the competition soon to come. Amazing 2020 season Huskies!