Winter Sports Cancelation


Briana McCauley

As many know, winter sports, such as soccer, basketball, and wrestling, are being redecided by the AIA if they should be allowed or not. Many people were upset from this, and the athletes are still practicing. As sad as it is, I believe postponing them is the best thing to do right now. You become in close-contact with one another when doing such sports, and that is dangerous considering everything that’s been going on. Even though masks could help, they don’t 100% prevent covid, and wearing masks when playing could result in fainting and many more problems. I’ve tried playing sports with a mask on, but it is very difficult and it made it so hard to breathe. 

As of now, we could be going back in person next week. Hopefully, sports will be back up again and allowed. We are all taking this day by day, and hoping for the best. The CUSD school board is having a meeting at the end of the week, and will be deciding if we will continue online or go back in person. I, as well as some of my friends and many others, are hoping we go back in person, but ultimately, the decision will be made for what is the safest right now.