Sports are Back!

Briana McCauley

During this pandemic, it is important to stay safe and take precautions, which is why many things such as sports and in-person school learning have been going back and forth. In particular, the question “Should sports be allowed or is it safer to not have them?” has been troubling the minds of many. As for the AIA, they turned around and said yes to having high school winter sports just three days after previously deciding no. After careful consideration and thought, on Jan 11 they had a vote of 5-4 to let sports keep going. This change will take place on Jan. 18, which was the original plan. After a video of many students yelling and expressing they want sports to be allowed got released on twitter, this helped the decision to make sports officially allowed.

I personally believe that having only athletes, coaches, and scouts at games is the safest way to go, given the circumstances. Sports are a major deal for many people, and these things alone change so many lives. For some people, it is their only ticket to attend college. Especially since college is expensive nowadays, without these scouts that will be at or watching the games, many seniors and even juniors could miss out a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. A big part of why there were so many cases for fall sports was because they had spectators, whom of which most likely were not social distancing. Even if they were, that still could have easily passed through a lot of people, athletes included, at the games. If they just take precautions, like athletes getting tested and livestreaming the games instead of having people watch them in person, then it should be okay to have sports reinstated and allowed to keep going.