Winter Sports are Back on

Connie Escobar

Three days after AIA voted to cancel the winter high school sports season, the Executive Board reversed itself on Tuesday, Jan.11. The board was at a vote of  5-4 leading winter sports competitions to start up again on Jan.18. However, there are a few protocols that student athletes must take now that their sports have been reinstated. AIA made it known that masks are now mandatory for participants. The AIA decision also includes that fans will not be able to watch any of the athletes play. This however is not the first time that protocol was set into place. During the fall season, Cross Country was also not able to have fans watch their races. This was a huge struggle for many parents of the runners leading to their season almost being cancelled. This however, was re-considered only for the state championship race which allowed two people per athlete. 

As many know, many student athletes were angered by the decision that was made on Friday, Jan.8 when AIA said “No” to winter sports. This led to many athletes wanting to fight for their season, and maybe the fight in the students was the reason they got back their season. In fact, before Tuesday’s meeting it is known that students gathered outside of the AIA building…masked with signs, chanting, “Winter sports!”. The video of the students chanting was then posted on twitter causing a heated debate between people who were and were not in favor of the decision. Many of the people who disagreed are those who have never had their sport taken from them. Making their comments “irrelevant” as many student athletes stated.

I am indeed in favor of the reinstatement of winter sports due to the fact that protocoles will be put into place. As well as the students being able to have their season as intended.