The Road to State

The Road to State

Connie Escobar

The boys had an amazing game against the Basha Bears, the game was on March 5, 2021 The boys found themselves victorious after having a close score of 49-45, meaning that they would move on to play the Desert Ridge Jaguars at state.

State took place at home on March11, 2021. The boys took down the Jaguars with an insane score of 68-48, due to this win they will advance to play the Mountain View Toros. This game will take place at home on March13, 2021. So far the Toros have an ongoing record of 10-6.

Meanwhile our Huskies are at an ongoing record of 11-6, due to the closeness of the scores it is easy to say that the game itself will be very exciting to watch. Best of luck Huskies, and make sure to continue dominating.  

While the season has ended for other schools, our lady Huskies have found themselves continuing their season. Before moving on to the State Tournament, the Huskies went up against the Basha Bears at home. They walked off the court with a final score of 58-28, leaving the Bears in the dust. 

They then advanced to the State Tournament on March 9, 2021 where they faced off against Cibola, once again the Huskies dominated the court as they have been doing for this past season. They finished off the game with an amazing score of 65-15. Because of their outstanding winning streak the girls will now be heading off to the playoffs against the Perry Pumas on March 12, 2021. The Pumas have had a decent season so far, developing a win rating of 72% while the Huskies have developed a 94% win rating. Things are looking good for our Huskies! Make sure to wish them luck as they advance to the playoffs.