Hamilton V.S. Casteel the Week 2 Fotball Warfare

Hamilton V.S. Casteel the Week 2 Fotball Warfare

Drew Boyd

Hamilton is set to battle Casteel in the week two game. Last week, the Huskies  blew out the Desert Ridge Jaguars with an outstanding score of 56-7. Hamilton is looking to come into this Casteel game and have the same result. Casteel is always a good football team, so Hamilton might have a challenge on their hands.

In last week’s game against Desert Ridge, the Huskies played off the charts and dominated this Jaguar team. Hamilton’s offense was firing on all cylinders. The running back duo of Nick Switzer and Logan Krei had 180 yards and 3 touchdowns (Switzer 2, Krei 1) these two played phenomenally. While on the topic of good games, Christian Anaya scored 3 touchdowns, snagged 10 passes and had 189 yards receiving. Other notable players from that game were Michael Masunas (2 receptions, 88 yards and a touchdown) and Tré Spivey (1 reception, 31 yards and a touchdown). 

On the defensive side of the ball, one notable player was Russell Davis II (Deuce Davis). He had a GAME, he ended up with 6 tackles, 2 assisted tackles, 2 tackles for loss and 2 QB hurries. Other notable players are Tre Tate (1 interception), Genesis Smith (1 forced fumble), Camden Haggard (7 total tackles) and the trio of Dawson Hubbard, Chandler Davis and Cooper Leduc (5 total tackles). 

Huskies start off their season 1-0. Casteel is 0-0 since the team they were supposed to play, Skyline, who as a matter of fact had no team at all. The previous  year, the Colts had a record of 5-3, now they  are in a new division with new teams.

The Huskies will be on the road against the Colts on Friday Sept. 8 at 7 p.m. The Huskies will be riding the high of last game and will hope to carry over the magic of last game to this one. Let’s hope the Huskies can make the Colts 0-1 and get their second win of the season.