JV Hamilton Football Dominates The Casteel Colts

Gwyn Bressler

On Sept. 9, 2021, the JV Hamilton football team won their second game of the season at home against the Casteel Colts.

The Huskies were down, but they rallied together and finished the game strong with a score of 30 to 20. The Colts ended up scoring a touchdown in the opening moments of the game and a first in goal from the eight yard line later in the first quarter. After a successful two point conversion attempt, the Colts score went up 2 points. After another unsuccessful run for the Huskies, the Colts got the ball back again but also failed and turned the ball over to the Huskies on fourth down. This time, the Huskies redeemed themselves with a quarterback keeper and an amazing first down by Xavier Newman.

Another amazing play was when Avery Knight ran the ball into the goal on first and goal resulting in another touchdown for the Huskies. A Husky fumble recovery concludes the first quarter, and the Colts come back stronger with a turn over to this Casteel team on down. Unfortunately, a penalty was called against the JV Huskies because of pass interference. The rain of penalties continued throughout the game with holding penalties, pass interferences, personal fouls and face masks. Many quarterback keepers were also made resulting in a touchdown and many first downs. Knight, another notable player, gained an incredible amount of yards and first downs. One of the best plays he made was a 30 yard touchdown with a penalty called against the Colts. Beckham Pellant also took the ball on a keeper resulting in a Hamilton Huskies touchdown bringing the score up even further. With time against the Colts, the JV Hamilton Huskies beat the Casteel Colts by ten points, they took a knee concluding the game. Hamilton bested Casteel in this contest. The final score was 30-20 in favor of the Huskies.

Another home game will take place next week on Thursday Sept. 23, 2021 against the Centennial Coyotes at 6 p.m.