The JV Hamilton Football Team Prepares to Dominate The Centennial Coyotes

Gwyn Bressler

After a successful two games, the JV Hamilton Football Team takes a week off to prepare for a home game against the Centennial Coyotes taking place on Sept. 23, 2021 at 6 p.m. 

The Centennial Coyotes have had two games so far this season as well. With a major loss to the Chandler Wolves with a score of 47-7, and an unknown score of a game against Mountain Ridge, the likely outcome of this upcoming game still remains undetermined.

Avery Knight, the JV running back, is also preparing to dominate the Coyotes. Based on his many incredible plays in the past games, it is without a question that he will have another star-studded performance next week. According to Knight, his never ending and positive energy is his greatest asset on the field. “I keep the team motivated and uplifting when we’re down,” he says. Knight’s main goal this year is to win a majority of their games and try his best. With his team’s success last year with a record of six and two, he is expecting a new one of eight and zero. In order to prepare for this season, “We grinded all summer with trainings and camp, tons of lifting to physically and mentally prepare us.” Even though this sounds exhausting, it “was 100 percent necessary to get in good shape conditioning wise.” However, this does not stop the team members from having fun based on Knight’s perspective. “We’re goofy all the time but when it’s time to be serious we focus up to get the job done.”

Hopefully, all this hard work will pay off in the next game on Sept. 23 at 6 p.m. and the teammates will have the perfect opportunity to celebrate their amazing accomplishments so far.