Hamilton J.V. Football Defeats the Centennial Coyotes

Gwyn Bressler

On Sept. 23,  a J.V. game at Hamilton High School resulted in a huge victory for the Huskies.

The  game started when Centennial Coyotes’ received the kickoff. The drive was short resulting in a Centennial punt. With another uneventful play, the Coyotes get the ball back. Even with a 15-yard offensive pass interference penalty against them, the Coyotes scored a 55-yard touchdown. The Huskies were just going through the motions and ended up turning the ball over again. Luckily, the Coyotes quarterback threw an interception after being rushed and almost sacked by the Huskies defense. Even with this good play, the Hamilton offensive line struggled after quarterback Xavier Newman gets sacked.

 After being chased again by the Coyotes’ defense, Newman desperately throws the ball to Braylin Blount who blazes past the Coyotes defense and gets into the end zone for an unbelievable 53-yard touchdown. After some confusion, the Huskies convert on an attempt for two points as Newman runs the ball into the end zone. In the second quarter, another touchdown was made making the score 15-7. 

 In  second half, the Hamilton offensive line struggled with the Coyotes rush forcing a Hamilton punt. However, Elisha Grant redeems his team by sacking the quarterback and causing a 10 yard loss. When the Huskies regain possession of the ball, they get a five yard gain from a penalty against the Coyotes but still fail to move the football. The Husky crowd was at the edge of their seats when Centennial got the ball with three minutes left. The Hamilton pass rush hurried the Coyotes quarterback forcing him to throw an interception, and the J.V. Huskies conclude the game by taking a knee and letting the last 30 seconds run out. 

The next J.V. football game will take place on Sept. 30 at Hamilton, against Perry. This game takes place at 6 p.m. and we are hoping for another Husky victory.