The Start of The Boys Basketball State Tournament


Brennan Miranda

On Feb.11, Hamilton’s Varsity Basketball team played against Cibola in the Play-In game. A Play-In game is a game at the beginning of a tournament that forces the lowest qualifiers in the tournament to play each other before the main tournament begins. Hamilton excelled against Cibola getting a score over half their points. The score was 68-31, with Hamilton having the biggest lead for this whole season. With a win in the Huskies favor, they are able to go on in this tournament.

They will be playing  against the Mesa Jackrabbits. In previous games, Hamilton has beaten the Jackrabbits every time this season. Hamilton took the lead right away, but the Jackrabbits caught up. It was neck and neck but Hamilton pushed through and ended Mesa’s season for this year. Hamilton won by 8 points with the final score being 45-37. Hamilton goes on in the tournament. Their next challenger is the Sunnyslope Vikings. This game will take place on Feb. 23 at Sunnyslope High School. You can buy tickets now at