Weekly Recap For Boys Spring Hamilton Sports

Weekly Recap For Boys Spring Hamilton Sports

Drew Boyd

Tennis has played two games, and boys volleyball has also played two games.

To start, Boys Tennis played on April 7 against the Perry Pumas. Taking the Pumas on, the Huskies tennis team won eight out of the nine matches. The one loss we suffered was a double match. Typically, we would have been sweeping teams. This is one of the only times that we have actually lost one of the matches. However,  we ultimately won though so that is all that matters. In the final game of the season, we played the Brophy Broncos. Against the Broncos, the Huskies suffered a tough loss and were swept in the matches. It is a tough way to go out on the season, but the Huskies still have playoffs to look forward to.

The Boys Volleyball Team has played against the Basha Bears and the Perry Pumas. When the Huskies played the Basha Bears, they won three sets to one set. The Bears won the first set and took their foot off the gas. Meanwhile, Hamilton took the next three sets. Against the Pumas, the Hamilton Huskies took a rough three to one loss. 

Hamilton Huskies Boys Tennis is now 11-3 they are looking good heading into playoffs. Boys Volleyball, on the other hand, is sitting at 4-7 they are hoping to get into a flow and start charting some wins for the school.