Boys Volleyball Season Wrapping Up; Tennis Playoffs

Boys Volleyball Season Wrapping Up; Tennis Playoffs

Drew Boyd

As Boys Volleyball season is coming to an end, they have had struggles. They have three games and a tournament left. With all these factors in play, it does not look like they have the playoffs in their future. 

Just recently, Boys Volleyball matched up against Chandler High School back to back nights and played the Brophy Broncos for the first time this season. Boys Volleyball took the Chandler loss hard because of how close the game was. The first game of their double header was a three to two toss up in which Hamilton sadly lost. The next night the Huskies were seeking their revenge, and they would be left unsatisfied as they took another loss. Overall, Chandler is 2-0 against the Huskies. After the week passed, the Huskies were trying to get prepared for the astounding Brophy Broncos team. The Broncos walked into H-Town and walked away with a win. The Huskies battling was just not enough and they would go on to lose three to zero. 

Hamilton is winding down their season and is currently sitting with a rough 4-10 record. They hope to close out their season on some good notes as these last three games are played.  

Boys Tennis, on the other hand, has not played any matches recently as playoffs start on April 27.