Baseball Back to Back Wins

Brennan Miranda

On April 21, Hamilton’s Varsity Baseball Team made a comeback against Shadow Ridge. At the start of the game, Shadow Ridge scored three runs. The Huskies opened up scoring in the first inning. Logan Saloman out played Shadow Ridge and drove in two running a double. Shadow Ridge caught up at three in the bottom of the first inning. This happened when Dylan Mosher singled on a 2-0, scoring two runs. No team scored in the second inning. The Huskies were able to untie the game with Saloman singled on a 0-2 scoring one run. With this play, the score was 4-3 Hamilton leading. Hamilton then scored two runs in the fourth inning with Shadow Ridge scoring no runs. One of the runs was a homerun by Josh Tiedmann having a four bagger. With this, Hamilton had doubled Shadow Ridge’s points going 6-3. Shadow Ridge was able to score two runs in the fifth inning, but at this time, it was too late for them to come back. The Huskies scored four runs in the fifth inning. The big bats were led by Andrew Feery and Tanner Holland. There were also two home runs in this inning, one by Holland and the other by Ferry. Jackson Smith was the winning pitcher for the Huskies. This bulldog went four innings, allowing two runs on five hits, striking out five and walking zero. Jeremy Jones threw one inning in relief out of the bullpen. Will Shelor started the game for Hamilton Huskies. Shelor lasted two innings, allowing three hits and three runs while striking out three. The final score for this game was 13 to five with Hamilton dominating over Shadow Ridge. 

On April 22, Hamilton played against Perry High School. The Huskies defeated the Pumas with the final score of nine to five. The game didn’t really start until the second inning when the Pumas scored one run first with the Huskies right behind them scoring one right after Perry. Hamilton took the lead for good in the third inning with Hamilton scoring four runs. In this inning, Kole Klecker drew a walk, scoring one run.  Prince DeBoskie doubled on a 1-2 count, scoring three runs. Perry only scored one run in this inning putting the score to five to two in Hamilton’s favor. Hamilton then doubled down scoring four runs once again in the fourth inning. This was led by a single by Klecker and a double by DeBoskie. DeBoskie led Hamilton Huskies with two hits in four at bats. Klecker pitched for the Huskies and led them to victory. Klecker allowed nine hits and five runs over five innings, striking out five and walking one.  Jones threw two innings in relief out of the bullpen. 

On April 25, Hamilton went up against Perry once again. This time, the Huskies were even more prepared. This game was a slow game at the start, both teams scored no points in the first three rounds. Hamilton kicked off this game by scoring one run in the fourth and fifth inning. In the fourth inning, Roch Cholowsky hit a dinger and got a home run. Perry did not score in either of these innings. This put Hamilton at a head start having the score be two to zero. In the sixth inning, Hamilton scored eight runs, putting Perry in the dust. Perry was able to score two runs in this inning too. Hamilton’s batters contributed to this big inning. The batters included Cooper Brass, Gavin Turley, Tiedemann, and Ryan Kucherak, all driving in runs in the frame. Tiedemann earned the win that day. The bulldog surrendered zero runs on three hits over five innings, striking out three and walking zero. Jackson Smith and Shelor entered the game out of the bullpen and helped to close out the game in relief.