Brennan Miranda

 Hamilton Huskies Baseball played against Tucson High Magnet School. Hamilton walked out of this game victorious, defeating Tucson 13-7. This game took place on Saturday May 5 at 4 PM. Tucson got things started off right behind the bat when Nick Arias singled on a 2-2 count, which was able to bring a runner home. This gave Tucson the lead in the first inning. Hamilton took the lead in the second inning by scoring three runs. Zach Wadas contributed to one of these runs by hitting a home run. Tucson scored three runs in the third inning but by this time Hamilton already cemented their win. Hamilton scored four runs in the third inning.Wadas once again hit another homer in the inning. Contributing to the big inning included Ryan Kucherak and Kole Klecke, they all hit, scoring multiple runs. The fourth inning had Tucson scoring three runs with Hamilton behind them with two. In the fifth inning Hamilton scored three runs and in the sixth Hamilton scored one run. Gavin Turley had a homer in the fifth and sixth innings.

Hamilton played against Queen Creek on Tuesday May 10, Hamilton lost this game losing their last life in the championship. The score for this game was 2-1 with Queen Creek winning. Hamilton did the best that they could but they could not hit if their life depended on it. Fortunately for Hamilton Queen Creek had to forfeit due to breaking the rules. Their pitcher pitched more than they were allowed to and caused Queen Creek to be exited from the tournament, thus reinstating Hamilton. Hamilton Plays against Chaparral once again on May 13 at 4:00pm.