Husky Baseball Earns Eighth State Ship

Brennan Miranda

With Queen Creek disqualified, Hamilton went to play Chaparral. Since Hamilton lost one game already, they had to beat Chaparral twice. The Huskies previously lost to Chaparral at the start of the championship. With Chaparral beating Hamilton, Hamilton had a drive to put Chaparral in their place. On May 13, Hamilton played their second game against Chaparral. Hamilton beat Chaparral going 10-2. These Huskies took the lead in the second inning scoring two runs. Chaparral scored one run in the third and fourth inning. Hamilton High School secured their victory by scoring two runs in the sixth inning and six in the seventh inning. Beating Chaparral once took one life away from them, but Hamilton still needs to beat them one more time.

The third game against Chaparral was a close one. The final score was three to one  in the Huskie’s favor. . Moving on to the finals, Hamilton got started right off the bat. Ryan Kucherak homered on a zero to one count, scoring two runs. Chaparral did not score a run until the third round, andHamilton scored another run in the fifth inning, putting Chaparral in their place and defeating these Firebirds. 

The State Championship was the rivalry going head to head for state. Hamilton versus Chandler. This game was very exciting assuming you’re a resident of Chandler, Arizona. It’s always been a Hamilton and Chandler rivalry since the Huskies came out of the kennel.. Chandler had been the only High School in Chandler until Hamilton opened up on the same street, Arizona Ave. Hamilton blew the Chandler Wolves out of the water on May 17. This game took place at Tempe Diablo Stadium. Hamilton played a good strong game and made zero errors. Chandler pushed themselves to the limit and did not give up once. The Huskies started scoring from the get go. Prince DeBoskie doubled on a one to one count, scoring one run. Hamilton scored a total of three runs in the first inning. In the second, third, fourth and fifth inning, Hamilton scored two runs. Chandler only scored one point in the fourth inning. This win results in the Husky Baseball Team earning the State Championship title.  We will miss all the seniors that will not be coming back next year for the season.