Girl’s Volleyball Sets Off the Season with a Win

Girl’s Volleyball Sets Off the Season with a Win

Alina Pierzga

The buzzer blared throughout the gym as the sound of volleyballs smacking against the court filled the room and the starting players began to take their place on the court. Hamilton High School Ggirls Vvolleyball officially began their season on Tuesday, Aug. 30 playing against Sunnyslope High School. The Huskies are entering the court again coming off a big year as the 2021 6A Champions and the energy and motivation is beginning to kick in, driving them with a want for another successful season.

Sunnyslope High School came out of the championship last year in round one against Chaparral High School in comparison to Hamilton’s overall win. However, last year does not necessarily equal this year and these first couple of games will begin to give an idea of where these teams stand going into the season. It will also give a chance to showcase the new and returning players of the three teams of freshman, junior varsity, and varsity players.

The game on Tuesday started with a big win for the freshman team, beating Sunnyslope 2-0. These girls kept up their momentum and energy throughout the game and proved the importance of working as a team and supporting each other. The second set for these freshmen in particular proved today a breeze of a start with a score of 25-4. This encouraging start for these new huskies revealed the addition of a promising and very talented group of girls. 

Junior Varsity also was a win for the Hamilton Huskies! The team defeated Sunnyslope Highschool 2-0 as well. An overall very smooth and rather quick game for these players that showcased their strengths and team efforts.

Varsity was where the fight began! Playing best of five sets, Hamilton and Sunnyslope went head to head in a tight but nonetheless exciting first game. The Lady Huskies stayed strong even when the score got tight and worked themselves out of many corners, beating Sunnyslope 3-1. These players refused to give up, regardless of their score at any point in the game. Notably, number four, Neomi Beach, the current Team Captain for the varsity team proved herself an essential player on the court. A player with strong back row hits and an ability to time her kills in a way that turned the game around in its toughest moments.

The first games set the season up to be a promising one for these girls, their perseverance and drive noticeable to anyone in the crowd throughout each game. One thing is for sure, these players are not going down without a fight!

Hamilton’s three girls volleyball teams play again against Liberty High School Wednesday, Aug. 31 to conclude the first week. However, the varsity team will branch off at the end of the week, both Friday, Sept. 2 and Saturday, Sept. 3 to play at a tournament hosted by Chandler High School.