Badminton Defeats Dobson


Jaiden Bullock

The Hamilton Huskies Badminton team took a major victory over the Dobson Mustangs this past Monday with a score of 6-3 . Both Single Flight and Double Flight matches took place with different victories on each side . 

      Starting off for the Double Flight matches , Hamilton Senior Saba Shakir and Freshman  Nihira Sane fell short to Dobson Mustang seniors Lily Angres and Gracy Coleman with scores of 21-8 and 21-10 leading to the Dobson Mustangs taking  first place in the doubles. Taking Second place were  Hamilton Juniors Samiya Bodhhankar and Saharsa with a victory over Dobson Mustangs Seniors with a score of 21-7 and 21-5. Lastly for the doubles falling short to Dobsons Seniors were Hamilton Sophomore and Senior Melanie Lee and Servina Bunch with scores of 21-16 and 21-11.

          Hamilton came back from the doubles losses and took four victories out of the six matches played in the single flights . Also taking the top four out of six spots for the single matches . Taking first place respectively in the single matches was Hamilton Junior Samiya Bodhankar with a score of 21-7 and 21-4. Coming in at Second was Hamilton Senior Saba Shakir with a score of 21-10 and 21-4 . Lastly , taking third place was  Hamilton Freshman Nihira Sane with a score of 21-7 and 21-8. Hamilton fell short to Dobson on the last two rounds of the single but they overall did a very good job.  The Huskies take on Shadow Ridge on Saturday,  Sept. 17 at 4 p.m.