Huskies Badminton Sweeps Sandra Day O’Connor


Jaiden Bullock

Hamilton High School’s Varsity Badminton finished 9-0 against Sandra Day O’Connor . 

The matches took place at Hamilton High School which gave the Huskies a home advantage and it’s clear they used it . Both single and double flight matches took place and the huskies came to play ! Even though the huskies won all their matches and took all the top places and dominated at this past match. The Huskies who took the top three places for the single flights are Junior Samiya Bodhankar defeating Senior Darshanna Sripathi from Sandra Day with a score of 21-3 and 21-10. Taking second place was Senior Saba Shakir with a win over Senior Alyona Bairagoni with a score of 21-9 for both sets. Lastly taking third was Junior Saharsa Pechetty with a win over Senior Arpana Sripathi  with a score of 23-21 and 21-17.

The Huskies eventually survived the next three matches and won. For the double flight matches the Huskies came out with win after win . For the double flights taking first were Hamilton Senior Saba Shakir and Junior Saharsa Pechetty defeating O’Connor Seniors Alyona Bairagoni and Arpana Sripathi with a score of 21-13 for both sets. Taking second place were  Hamilton Juniors Brooklyn Tallman and Samiya Bodhankar with scores of 21-10 and 21-16 over O’Connor Senior and Sophomore Brook Fleishman and Brynlee Evanston.

Finally taking third for the doubles were Hamilton Senior Melanie Lee and Sophomore Servina Bunch with three scores of 17-21 , 21-15 , 28-26 . The Huskies overall swept Sandra Day  O’Connor during these matches and the Huskies next match up is against Basha High School on Wednesday, Sept. 28.