Badminton Rolling

Jaiden Bullock

After the sweep against the Sandra Day O’connor program, Hamilton had a series of wins against schools including Basha and Chandler.

They defeated Chandler with a score of 9-0 and defeated Basha with a score of 5-4. Although Basha was a tough match, the Huskies persevered . Leading for Hamilton for the Singles Flights category was Junior Samiya Bodhankar with a win against Basha Junior Jordyn Mee with a score of 21-6 and 21-7. The Huskies also took two out of the three places for the Doubles matches.

Getting the first doubles win for the Huskies was Junior Samiya Bodhankar and Junior Saharsa Petty with a win against Basha Seniors Corrine Carpenter and Alyssa Navaro with a score of 21-10 and 21-8 . The Huskies also had a good sweep against Chandler’s badminton program.

The Huskies also took all six places for the singles, as they did with Basha . And all three places for the Doubles also . The Hamilton Badminton program had the chance to compete in the Individuals State Tournament against Perry High School .