Britain’s New Prime Minister

Britains New Prime Minister

Laila Richardson Jenkins

These past months have been a big time for the UK. After their queen passes away and makes King Charles III the new king they welcome a new prime minister after Liz Truss steps down after just seven weeks on the job making her Britain’s shortest prime minister in history.

 Their new prime minister Rishi Sunak has taken office. He is the first person of color to ever hold the highest office in Britain and the youngest at the age of 42 to hold this office in 200 years. Sunak is of Indian descent and has South Asian heritage. His new place of power is big considering that Britain ruled India for 100 years. Many of Britain’s South Asian communities celebrated through the streets. Sunak and his wife were recently on Forbes UK’s wealthiest list with a joint estate of $826 million dollars He is appointed to this office when Britain is going through an economic crisis with inflation and higher gas prices and the government of Britain do not plan to give him any leeway anytime soon.