Huskies Heartbreaking Loss to Basha

Keshaunte'O Robertson

The Hamilton Huskies football team record so far this football season has changed from 5-1 to 5-2 after last week’s game against Basha High. The energy in the building was electric, the student section were cheering their fellow huskies on including the husky cheerleaders. Just as the fans thought the Huskies were closing out on the Bears and bringing home a win, a last minute field goal changed everything.

During the beginning of the game Basha fell behind trailing the Huskies by 14 points , the score being 23-9. Demond Williams Jr., the quarterback for the Basha Bears knew he had to make plays and passes to bring his team back and cut the score close. The Basha Bears then went onto making four clutch plays and scoring a touchdown before forcing a fumble and tying the game with another touchdown making the score 23-23, with a little under nine minutes to play. 

For the first three quarters of the game Hamilton kept Basha in check with their defensive line-up coordinated by Parker Barrett, with Basha’s head coach Chris McDonald praising the defensive players on how exceptionally well they played that game. 

With a little under 3 seconds left former Hamilton High student, Timothy Tynan received an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty called on him right before the Huskies called a time-out to try and throw him off his game. His field goal was exactly what Basha needed to take the lead, 26-23. Although the Huskies lost against Basha they still have to shake it off and get ready to play their last regular season games against Casteel , Westwood and Chandler, they face off against the Casteel Colts at home at Jerry Loeper Stadium on Friday October 28th, 2022. These last three games determine if they make an Open playoff run this year or not.