Boys Soccer On a Roll

Boys Soccer On a Roll

Jesus Gonzalez-Diego

 The Hamilton Huskies  soccer season started off with a win against Sunny  Hills (Fullerton,CA) ending with a score of 1-0.

The Hamilton Huskies also won their second game against Kingsburg (CA) with an ending score of 4-1. Hamilton’s only loss was in their third game at Woodbridge (Irvine, CA) ending with a score of 1-0.

Hamilton’s next two games ended with wins, their game after their loss against Woodbridge was against O’Connor with a ending score of 2-1 only 1 point the difference. The Hamilton Huskies last game was also

a win against Pinnacle with an end score of 2-1 as well. These five games give the Hamilton Huskies a strong start to the season as they’re now 4-1 in the season.