Sydney Redish: Player Profile


Alina Pierzga

The addition of flag football to the Hamilton High School sports roster has brought a lot of new faces to this sport, giving many girls the opportunity to try something new. This goes for flag football player Sydney Redish. Sydney Redish is number 13 on the field, this year’s kicker and rusher, and this is her first year on the team.

Previously Redish spent most of her time on the soccer field, but after attending the flag football practice of one of her friends last year, she began to fall in love with the sport. And after one practice she just kept coming back and eventually joined the team and she said it is now, “my favorite thing to do.”

So far, this season has been a widely successful one for the girls flag football team, the team yet to lose. When asked about her favorite moment of the season, she detailed her time playing in the Casteel game at the beginning of the season. This game won the Arizona Cardinals Football Team’s Flag Football Game of the Week. She said that, “overall it was just a really good and close game against one of the best teams in the state.” 

The future of the season is looking bright for the team as it comes closer to its conclusion, playoffs just around the corner. Redish explained that she is feeling good about it so far and confident that the team is in a good place. “I know that we’re in the best position for the playoffs,” she said. “but i’m nervous for what could happen if we’re too overconfident and another team plays a good game against us”. Though there is a chance for a new team to come to the top, Hamilton currently has the advantage with their winning streak that seems like it will not be ending anytime soon. 

A lot can happen over the span of a few more games, but number 13 hopes for another win in the championship game for the Huskies like they did in the previous season!