Kicking Off The New Year


 The start of the new men’s and women’s soccer season at Hamilton High School is about to begin. Tryouts will be held next week, behind the pool fields. They will last one week long and will consist of intense drills and conditioning in order to help the coaches form their rosters.

  They are many new staff on board this year who are eager to make Hamilton number one. Including coach Eddie, who is the new women’s varsity soccer coach. With his youthful spirit and dedication to the game and the team already he is positive that nothing but greatness will come out of the following season.

  Preparing for tryouts will be crucial. The men’s varsity team performs the husky five hundred, which is a workout routine that has to be done in a certain amount of time in order to make varsity. On the women’s side, conditioning will be taken place after every try out in order to find out who is the most fit, as well as to see who pushes others to do their best. Dalinda Uselton (12) shares her opinion on her thoughts of the new season and the new coach “we have more confidence this year and Eddie will help us follow through with that. Eddie is a big factor since we had him as assistant last year to really drive us”

  Being prepared physically is the first step to maintaining a solid performance, but also being mentally strong is another aspect which is crucial. There will be times where athletes will get placed in different teams through out the whole week, but they can not let their heads drop. They must show their worth. Susana Westersund (11) explains her struggle through try outs last year “I was put in many different groups during try outs and it was frustrating but I never gave up. I always played my hardest.”

  There are also new young faces to the team, freshman and transfer students. Ethan Fairabee (9) is thrilled to be playing for his school, “I’m looking forward to the new season and wearing my high school’s logo on my chest.” For more information on soccer tryouts visit the athletic office.